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Your Physical Therapist in Plum, PA

ESSMC Plum Office

Located in the lively community of Plum, PA, the ESSMC Plum office is a leading provider of sports medical treatment and physical therapy services. Our state-of-the-art facility at 1813 Golden Mile Highway (Route 286), Suite 200 is dedicated to serving the Plum community with personalized care and advanced therapies. Our goal is to promote rehabilitation, wellness, and optimize performance.

Led by trusted professionals, the Plum location offers specialized healthcare tailored to individual needs, including physical and occupational therapy. Whether they seek recovery from sports injuries or require comprehensive physical therapy, ESSMC Plum ensures that patients receive exceptional care in a supportive and welcoming environment. 

The Plum office is a trusted hub for top-tier healthcare services in the area, with a strong emphasis on holistic well-being and mobility improvement.

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