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The Fit Factor

The research and development for The Fit-Factor Project began in 2013 by a group of physical therapists in Rhode Island representing the American Physical Therapy Associations, Private Practice Section. The goal was to develop an on-line resource people could trust to assess and learn about their physical health.

The project developed into an on-line survey people could do in their own home, assessing all aspects of physical health. Questions ranging from a person’s exercise habits and their ability to participate in everyday activities and leisure activities, to interactive self-screening tests on balance, strength and flexibility result in a Fit Factor score categorizing people into 6 levels of physical health. Educational videos provide a vast amount of information and tips including injury prevention, exercise, posture, development of strength, flexibility and balance.

The Fit-Factor is designed to be repeated over time, so people can continue to self-assess and take ownership of their physical health.

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