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Self- Referral means that you can schedule an appointment with one of our physical therapists before seeing a physician. The physical therapist will evaluate your condition and determine if you would benefit from therapy or if your physician or an orthopedic specialist should see you. If you are a candidate for therapy, we will immediately initiate a program of modalities and exercise to expedite the healing process.

Having neck pain from stressful work or sitting at the computer too long?

Get evaluated by one of our highly qualified Physical Therapists to help you restore function and return to your normal activities as quickly and safely as possible.

Need a safe and effective program to recover from shoulder pain?

You can have the services of our highly skilled staff by simply calling and scheduling an appointment. ESSMC Physical Therapists are experts in caring for all orthopedic and sports injuries.

Have lingering back pain that has stopped responding to your medications?

Get a thorough analysis of all your symptoms from one of our Physical Therapists (PT) and immediately start your personalized program of care.

Injured playing a sport and not sure who to call?

Call East Suburban Sports Medicine (ESSMC) and ask for a same day appointment… that’s the ticket to start healing fast!

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