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March marks one year of the mitigation efforts in PA to combat COVID-19 and we wanted to share with you the positives we’ve experienced during this past year.

We’ve stayed open this entire time serving patients in our communities & through our protocols we have been able to keep all of our patients & staff safe. We have had ZERO cases of the spread of the virus within our 6 facilities. With such widespread contraction of the virus in our communities, it is a truly amazing feat that we have no documented spread within our staff & patients. We couldn’t have accomplished this without our awesome employees & we would like to thank our wonderful patients for their cooperation with our mitigation efforts.

Not only have we kept people safe from the virus, but we’ve been able to do so while providing the 5-star rated physical therapy care that our patients are accustomed to.

As a business we didn’t let the pandemic get the best of us or make excuses. We recognized the needs of our patients & the community and established a comprehensive Neurological Rehab Program encompassing Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, & Speech Therapy. We have seen amazing results with our neurological patients under the guidance of our excellent therapists & their ability to rehab using state of the art Virtual Reality and the Alter-G Anti-Gravity Treadmill.

Our greatest accomplishment is when our patients refer their friends & family to us. We have been committed to providing The Best Care hands down for the past 36 years & we have proven that even during a pandemic we can safely & effectively treat our patients. We ask that if you or anyone you know needs therapy, to trust us, your hometown therapists, & make an appointment with us.

Thank you to everyone & rest assure we will continue to provide that 5-star therapy, while keeping everyone safe until this pandemic ends.