Proper nutrition and hydration will prepare you for a successful endurance event. Be sure to train with the food and fluids that work best for you and help sustain your energy for many hours. As a reference you’ll want to consume at least 200-300 calories per hour while moving, which can be a combination of both food and fluid calories. You will also want to make sure you are drinking a combination of water and electrolytes, 24-32 oz. per hour to maintain proper hydration.

Always carry water with you during training runs/hikes/rides/paddles – even starting at week one of your training.  Training serves as a chance for you to figure out what works for you in regards to flavors, textures, “real-food” vs. gels and drinks, but also allows you to figure out what doesn’t work!  Each training session or run should be a chance to “train” the body to use the fluids and fuels efficiently!  Insider Tip: review the event or race website where they list the fueling and fluid options that will be available on course and train with these so you can feel reassured you have access to something that works for you!